Here Are The Racist Conspiracy Emails Rotting Right-Wing Billionaire Joe Ricketts' Brain

Welcome back to the Billionaire’s Inbox, where we get a chance to hear from the other half, in its own words. Today we’re looking at how racist conspiracy theories have the potential to influence policy, as they’re read, shared, and internalized by a wildly influential class of political donors.

Exclusive: FBI Warned Law Enforcement Agencies of Threat Posed by Non-Existent 'Pro-Choice Extremists'

A domestic terrorism briefing the FBI gave to law enforcement agencies in 2017 warned them about the threat of “pro-abortion extremists.” That would be fine, except—as the FBI’s own briefing materials subsequently admit—violent pro-abortion extremists barely exist, and in no universe do they constitute an organized…

The $28,740 Abortion and Other Scenes From America's Reproductive Healthcare Grotesque 

Late last summer Seema Verma, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, announced that beginning in 2019 most American hospitals would be required to post their full lists of “standard charges” for services rendered. You can now find many of these spreadsheets online, and they list medical…

Scientology Attorney Demands Jezebel Remove Our Story on Shelly Miscavige's Alleged Disappearance 

A lawyer representing Shelly Miscavige, the wife of David Miscavige, Scientology’s leader, has demanded that Jezebel remove a story we ran yesterday on Shelly’s alleged disappearance. The attorney, Jeffrey K. Riffer, writes “Mrs. Miscavige is not missing” and that she is “appalled” by claims that she has disappeared.…

Turning Off Facebook Location Tracking Doesn't Stop It From Tracking Your Location

Aleksandra Korolova has turned off Facebook’s access to her location in every way that she can. She has turned off location history in the Facebook app and told her iPhone that she “Never” wants the app to get her location. She doesn’t “check-in” to places and doesn’t list her current city on her profile.